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Inspiring, atypical and risky art.

Art for those who are there and art for those who are starting out.

Unique works never seen before

In Inéditad you will only find original works and very limited editions never exhibited or sold before.

Certified 100% unique art made by and for you.

New Project

The photographer Alex Domènech presents his project "Waves Meet Shores." A photographic work that verges on the handmade and that talks about memory and the consequences of losing it.

Inspiring people who work here

They make Inéditad Gallery our reason for being. We value building bridges between the creative process of our artists and people like you who are eager for works that provoke, impress and fascinate them.

Jamalamaja Illustrator


Bran Solo

Inéditad Artist's Drawing

El Dibujo

Pablo Rodriguez

Abel Carrillo

Victor Brenes Gente Bastarda Photography

Victor Brenes

Elisa Ancori illustrator

Elisa Ancori

Jean Carlos Puerto artist

Jean Carlos Puerto

Aitor de Gordejuela

Aitor de Gordejuela

Fernando Romero New Artist

Fernando Romero

Núria Farré Abejón artist

Núria Farré Abejón

Raul Alvarez Jimenez

Raul Alvarez

Dresu Inéditad Artist


Martínez Cánovas artist

Martinez Canovas

Nacho Hernández Álvarez artist

Nacho Hernandez Alvarez

Ral artist collage


Carlos Bra photography Ineditad

Carlos Bra

Pepa Salas Vilar in Inéditad Gallery

Pepa Salas Vilar

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Israel Jimenez Medina

Juan Carlos Mora

Juan Carlos Mora

Juan Francisco Gomez Cambronero painter

Juan Francisco Gómez Cambronero

Juan Rivas joins Ineditad

Juan Rivas

Jair Leal artist at Ineditad Gallery

Jair Leal

Silvia Flechoso at Ineditad Gallery

Silvia Flechoso

Elia Tomas artist

Elia Tomas

Nicolo Canova at Ineditad Gallery

Nicolò Canova

Jaime Sancorlo Ineditad

Jaime Sancorlo

Gyuk at Ineditad Gallery


Claudio Petit-Laurent at Ineditad Gallery

Claudio Petit-Laurent

Photograph by Xavi Baragona

Xavi Baragona

Daniel Jaen at Ineditad Gallery

Daniel Jaen

Ana Patitú Ineditad Gallery

Ana Patitú

Alex Domenech artist in Ineditad Galeria

Alex Domènech

Pablo Sola artist at Ineditad Gallery

Pablo Sola

Cristóbal Tabares_Ineditad Gallery

Cristóbal Tabares

Irene Cruz unpublished artist Gallery

Irene Cruz

Adrián Goma artist at Gallery Unpublished

Adrian Goma

Bruno Cianco at Gallery Inéditad

Bruno Ciancio

Juan Castaño digital illustrator

Juan Castaño

Virtual Art Gallery

From now on you can go into  Inéditad Virtual Art Gallery! Four exhibition rooms in virtual reality through which you can navigate in 360 degrees, approach the works that interest you most, click on them for more information and even let yourself be taken on a guided tour.

Do you dare to live the experience?

Art with personality

A work of art should also reflect your way of being. In Inéditad we know that personality and art are closely related.

Click on the kind of art that best identifies with yours!

Now in Inéditad Blog

In our blog we put the focus on the need to bring the creator of the diverse with the lover of the different. Contemporary art will no longer be a great unknown to you.

Decalogue of Good Intentions

When it comes to buy online art it is essential that the platform where you are going to do it identifies with you. That's why we invite you to learn about our Decalogue of Intentions, which is nothing more than the manifesto of Inéditad regarding its model and philosophy of project: an innovative art that represents us.

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